String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus

This one doesn't need too much explanation...a beautiful cascading plant resembling a beaded necklace, this is up there with one of the most popular houseplants of 2016/17.....if not the MOST popular.  A picture tells a thousand words.


As with all succulents, this one will need stacks of light and even some direct sunlight. As close as possible to your brightest window is where it will be happiest.  Just be careful of those super hot summer days as the beads can burn easily. Remove from direct sun on these days.


Ok, this is probably the most over-watered house plant on the planet. Too much water and this one will start to rot pretty quickly....the pearls will look sparse and soggy and you'll begin to see more soil than pearls! 

Being a drought tolerant plant, very little water is required in order to keep your String of Pearls looking lush and healthy.  Make sure the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry before watering in summer and only water every 6 weeks or so during winter. And LOTS of light don't forgot...