Home styling

"I love indoor plants, but I kill them".

"I have a black thumb".

"It's too hard, I have no idea what to choose for my space".

Plants can be tricky things. Working out where to put them, how much light they need, how often to water, let alone trying to style them in a way that looks half decent. We understand and we've been there too! We can help navigate which plants will be best for you and guide you with some simple tips to avoid sending these ones out to the plant graveyard too!

So, you know you want to add some greenery but have no idea what to choose, where to get them and don't have the time to be running around with plants anyway. Great, we do.

Here's how it works:

We pop in for a quick chat (maybe a cuppa if we're lucky), check out your space, talk about plant-y stuff, you, your kids, pets to be mindful of and perhaps a quick squiz at all those Pinterest pics you've been drooling over. 

Soon after we bring you a beautiful selection of plants to choose from, style them in to place and you're done. Happy home. Oh, and we do pots too.

$200 cONSULT FEE, redeemable on product.

Can't go wrong.



You sell pots. We have plants.

Match made.

Makes sense really doesn't it? If you own a retail store and would like to sell plants then let us do all the running around at the 'way-too-early-in-the-morning' plant markets and visit the 'way-out-whoop-whoop' growers. 

Stick to what you do best and we will do the same. 

We will curate a gorgeous selection of greenery for your store and ensure we supply you with the lushest, healthiest and most sought after plants around. 

Not only will your customers be delighted to find perfectly paired pots and plants... but you will wonder how you ever survived this long without being surrounded by all this heavenly greenery in your store.

And you'll barely lift a finger.


Plant hire

It's hard to know exactly what you'll need in the way of plants for that upcoming photo shoot or function right? Pot size, colour, height, tropical, cascading... the list goes on and on.

Let alone running around all over town trying to find them. Then there's the transport of all these precious babies... and often big babies! Argh.

Thats where we come in...

First we chat about your brief and the feel you're after. We shoot you a few pics to make sure we're on the same page then we load the Plant Van with as many as we can squeeze in and deliver to your chosen destination. You choose what and how many you need (or we can leave them all!) and we will collect when you're done. Sounds pretty simple right?

It is.  And surprisingly cheap.