It's said there are over 100 varieties of this popular plant, all very different but in high demand for their cascading foliage and beautiful, unique leaves. If provided with the right conditions, they also produce a beautiful flower each year. Another bonus...they don't need a huge amount of care to survive.


Should be placed near a window, out of direct sunlight. Will also tolerate lower light levels. Generally won't flower if the light conditions aren't bright enough.


The Hoya should be kept fairly dry during Winter and moderate during the Summer months. It will ultimately depend on your environment, but once every couple of months in Winter, and every 2 or 3 weeks in warmer weather as a guide.


Once the Hoya is established they love to be pot bound. Once every 5, even 10 years, should be enough. Although some can go much longer without ever needing re-potting.