Devils Ivy

Epipremnum aureum

One of the 'it' plants of 2016, Devils Ivy is known for its heart-shaped leaves and long cascading stems. Perfect for cascading off a bookshelf or side table, and they are also one of the top 10 air purifying plants - bonus.


A light position out of direct sun and out of the way of draughts, both of these will cause leaf damage.  Mist with water once a week to keep your plant happy and healthy, not a necessity though if you forget.


This is one of those great plants that will put up with a fair amount of neglect when it comes to watering. Likes to be on the drier side and hates soggy soil. When top 2 inches of soil feels completely dry, fill the pot with water and let excess water run through and drain freely from the bottom. Allow to drain.